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 what do I do best?

As a natural born psychic medium I specialize in uplifting people through my spiritual abilities and vast knowledge and love for astrology. During each session I enjoy collaborating with spirit to bring through evidential messages from loved ones, while offering helpful tools to assist clients in reaching new heights, spiritual understanding, and peace of mind.


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what they're saying

Laura is so loving, compassionate and genuine and she brings this through in her readings. She is an extremely talented psychic medium, truly able to connect to the other side. I cannot say enough good things about Laura, she is truly gifted."

- Felicia

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Every year on your birthday, you get a brand new astrological chart that will influence the year ahead. While your birth chart never changes, each year the stars present a special opportunity to reinvent yourself with new energetic signatures. During this session I will cast your Solar Return chart and help you assess and predict any themes and energies presented for you within the next 12 months.

 what's included?

  • During your session you can expect to receive insight into your unique energy signature for the year ahead and learn how to best utilize these planetary placements, alignments and positions so that you can create an astrologically informed game plan for the next 12 months!

Service 1
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During the Cosmic Consult, I will blend the astrological signatures of your birth chart with my intuition to help you gain greater illumination, perspective and confidence within pinpointed areas of your life needing more clarity or direction. The session will be tailored to whatever topics or questions you’d like to cover. This service is offered via Zoom. 

 what's included?

  • During our session you can expect to receive astrological and intuitive insight into specific areas of your life that you'd like more clarity and direction in. 

Service 2
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During the True North session, I will review, interpret and highlight important clues and details outlined in your birth chart to help you identify and understand your soul's journey and influences. This service is offered via Zoom. 

 what's included?

  • During your session you will receive an in depth, handmade, easy to understand, beautifully written and illustrated 35+ page PDF that is chock full of helpful insight into your life path and its many potentials. I will sit with you one on one via zoom and break everything down in easy-to-understand bite sizes so that you are clear of the meanings behind your chart. As we move through your session you will have the opportunity to ask questions and gain deeper clarity.

Service 3
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