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Psychic medium

a psychic, medium and astrologer dedicated to helping you reconnect to your soul's truth, uncover your untapped potential and unlock your most authentic self.

I'm Laura

hi love!

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During a reading I often infuse humor and playfulness to lighten the mood while making it a point to create a cozy, judgment free space that offers a compassionate listening ear and an open dialogue.

With each session, I create a friendly space to ease any nervousness a client may have regarding their session. 

before we go on...


Never miss an update! Gain access to spiritual and astrological content, as well as exclusive live readings and MORE!



Understand your life path according to the stars! Stop the guessing game and start gaining practical insight into the burning questions that continue to go unanswered. Live life consciously and unleash your untapped potential by understanding your TRUE NORTH!


Together with Spirit, my goal is to help you gain clarity, focus and direction by reconnecting you with your soul’s truth. During a session I work with Spirit (ex. your guides, angels, past loved ones) to communicate loving guidance and insight into your life. Through collaboration, our hope is to encourage you to use your own empowerment to create a success plan utilizing your divine right to FREE WILL so that you may enjoy your life to the fullest!


Take a moment to inhale peace and exhale stress

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"I can’t say enough about the accurate, loving, high vibration connection Laura has obviously worked very hard to achieve. I have been working on myself for 35 years, getting guidance with wonderful intuitives along the way. Laura is right there with the best! Not only is her information spot on, but the kindness and generosity of spirit she exudes is such a gift when working through issues and digging into the muck of being human. I have sent others to her and ALL are astounded at the value her readings provide. What a gift she is!"


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